High Quality  Materials 
Our Services Include


New Builds

New vessel designs

Aluminium work boats

Aluminium recreational fishing boats

DNV A Class welding

Aluminium boat trailers 


Vessel Maintenance

Welding repairs (Aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel)

DNV A Class welding

Painting repairs and anti-fouling

Engine alignment 

Fuel system

Fresh/salt water systems

Shipwright services

Electrical repairs

Cathodic test and replacement of anodes

Sullage systems repairs




Fuel systems

Aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel fabrication and welding

Electrical systems

Sullage systems

Fresh water systems

Salt water systems



Cordina Marine is a family owned and operated boat building business located in Henderson Western Australia

We specialise in the building of commercial and recreational aluminium vessels

as well as providing onsite maintenance and repairs


At Cordina Marine we have a real passion for building high quality aluminium commercial and recreation boats. From our precise fabrication to DNV welding standards, only the best materials are used. 



12 Sparks Road

Henderson 6166

+61 8 6397 4230


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