Site Works

At Cordina Marine we know our job isn't done once your new boat hits the water. We offer ongoing maintenance in your off season to keep you in the water for longer when it counts.


From commercial refits to recreational modifications we can provide what you need at an affordable price. 

Does your current boat need some love?

Do you need some changes made?

We also offer onsite repair, maintenance and modification services at any of the boat lifters in the Fremantle and Henderson area. 


Our Site Services Include:


  • Vessel maintenance

  • Welding repairs(aluminium and stainless steel)

  • Fabrication

  • Engine alignment 

  • Fuel system

  • Fresh/salt water systems

  • Cathodic test and replacement of anodes

  • Sullage systems repairs

  • Repower

  • Fuel systems

  • Sullage systems

  • Fresh water systems

  • Salt water systems

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